Picture this

A stack of Smithsonian magazines, the detritus of a former subscription, had me scratching my head a few years ago about what to do with them besides giving them the heave. What made me reluctant to throw them away was the great photography of an amazing variety of the interesting subjects they contained, subjects which were unlikely to be encountered anywhere else, at least not at the rate of this publication’s monthly regularity.

At that same time, I was also scratching my head over an eternal problem: where to find low-cost amusement. All this two-handed head scratching inspired an idea for solving both problems at once. I gave myself a challenge: use the great photos in a pile of publications otherwise destined for the dumpster to create a collage, but use only two photos in each collage. (Fellow collagists will attest to the superiority of Smithsonian magazine’s raw materials.)

With a limit of only two photos, this scheme also had the advantage of quick execution, thus my formal name for the new genre: Five-Minute Collages. And, the activity was amusing. I recently excavated a few of them, and, in the interest of paying it forward one might say, I offer them for your amusement as well.

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