A finger hovers over the launch button

A pun is the lowest form of humor—unless you think of it first. That nugget could perhaps apply to the title of this blog, which otherwise has no profound meaning.

Punditry (a good word with the wrong definition) aside, the content of this blog will certainly not be about math. In a serious and often sad world, I mostly filter for humor.

But there’s still some serious stuff to talk about. Take local television news (please), as a shining example. This is an institution that consistently induces more spittle-spraying apoplexy in me than most anything else. That subject will be addressed—in the often spouted words of George what’s-his-name, the recently deposed Mens Wearhouse guy, I guarantee it.

Also deserving of a gimlet-eyed stare are shibboleths of various sorts, at least where they appear in areas of interest to me.  As a substitute for thinking, they are insidious, ubiquitous, and deserve to be thumped.

Reappearing from time to time will be columns written for an oil and gas industry trade magazine during time served as editor there, at least the ones about less serious subjects. IMHO, they’ve held up reasonably well, and this is an opportunity to enlarge the original audience beyond the many thousands (hundreds? tens?) consuming them with give-me-more enthusiasm the first time around.

After many years in a deadline-driven business, another thing George would guarantee if he were me is irregularity of publication.

Off we go. Feel free to contact me if you have something nice to say. Otherwise, don’t feel as free, but say what you must say.

Thanks for standing at the dock and waving me off.

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